Canonical is doing it wrong. Again.

Looks like Canonical, creators of Ubuntu had a great idea to implement new multi-device Linux distro – one code base for all, but development takes too long. Results?

  • Desktop users left with almost nothing to be happy about in each release for some time now. Even package manager called “Software Center” isn’t working properly anymore for independent devs.
  • Mobile users can try to think positive about upcoming Ubuntu Phone releases, but they have to try really hard
  • Ubuntu will probably grow independent from Debian and deb packages, but not yet, so no new defaults in upcoming releases and no changes in present set of apps.

From the user point of view there is nothing happening for 2-3 years now. Only promises. They lost their focus on providing good distribution for work and entertainment (where everything works ootb) and went into creating Phone-Desktop-Tablet distro which will be released too late to catch up with the party. It’s not the first time. Same thing happened with UbuntuOne file/data hosting. Canonical is great at making awesome Linux distro for everyone. They just seem to be tired of it.

It’s seems like a good idea to slowly switch to other distros with a straight and focused roadmap. Linux Mint comes to mind. There is also good old Debian and plethora of other GNU/Linux distributions to choose from.

You can follow the discussion at Diaspora*.

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