About me

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Hi there and welcome to my personal website!

For over 15 years I’ve been building supporting infrastructure and services for startups, mid-sized businesses and science institutions in Poland. My solutions where based mostly on Django and WordPress when I was building services. Last 5 years I’ve been concentrating mostly on WordPress based solutions. I’ve build few startups as subcontractor, apart from usual websites and online shops. I offer complete WordPress solutions based on current technologies like Twig or WPML for multilingual support, complying with best industry and community standards.  I also wrote a book (in Polish) for beginners and advanced users to help them build fully functional websites and business upon WordPress.

Technology is my tool and it often helps me to work my way through life. My current hobbies include creating household solutions (for example: all-purpose cleaners, air fresheners, sugar scrubs) and volunteer translations (Polish ←→ English) of Free and Open Source Software (including MX Linux, Ubuntu and its software, Arch Linux related software) and tech articles.