My book abo­ut Word­Press out now!

Might not be worth too much out­si­de of Poland but here it is. My first book con­ta­ining sum­ma­ry of tips and tricks used at work with WordPress.

It con­ta­ins infor­ma­tion about:

  • how and which the­mes and plu­gins you sho­uld consider;
  • how to secu­re your website;
  • make and resto­re your per­fect backup;
  • mana­ge SEO
  • run your own, pro­fes­sio­nal newsletter;
  • opti­mi­ze your websi­te for mobi­le devices;
  • spe­ed-up your WordPress

… and many more!

You can buy it onli­ne or as paper­back thanks to Kom­pu­ter Świat” maga­zi­ne.