2020 that I’d be looking forward to

FSF Survey has this great question, so I thought that I’d share my answer.

Imagine it’s 2020 and people are more free and empowered as computer users, due to the efforts of the free software movement and the FSF. Describe some things that we have accomplished to reach this point.

My phone is able to run software completely of my choice without so much effort as it was needed back then in boring 2016. It’s the place I store my personal information, completely encrypted and I do most of my work on it. Just go somewhere connect with the screen, display keyboard on the table and work. Big, old machines and those abominations called laptops were moved back to the server rooms again! I’m able to get one for myself from local store, set it up in minutes, connect and talk safely with my family,friends and coworkers and those who were so retarded that they still need this thing called “the cloud”. Distributed everything. Everyone’s talking right now with everyone with no spying from those governments and companies giving you their servers to talk through.

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