Idea for AUR improvement

Few days ago I’ve installed Archlinux on my laptop again. One of the first changes I’ve noticed in my * accounts was loosing all packages I was maintaining in AUR.

It’s completely understandable because I was the one to say in one of my comments that I hope to never use Arch again… but here I am having Arch on the second partition, next to Gentoo.

The idea is to add some tracking of AUR package maintainers (I’m not sure if there isn’t some system like this first part already). If they have more than some number of packages out of date and they haven’t been logged in some time lets orphan their packages. This is how it is working now but manually.

The next step is retrieval. If our maintainer logged in again and he’s pushing some new packages to AUR lets bring him his packages. But not all, only those which are still orphaned.

Such automation will be IMO a big improvement to the whole system. Just an idea, but if anyone is interested in implementing it I’ll be glad to help.


I’ve pushed this post to AUR-general mailing list. If you want to know how it went follow eventual discussion there.

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