Using OpenVPN with cheap VPS and NetworkManager

Another gathering of information laying around in various places over the web. This time I wanted to configure OpenVPN on cheap VPS (OVH classic) and my Linux laptops and Android devices. After great deal of problem solving here it is:

The easy part is installing OpenVPN on your VPS. Just follow the guide from DigitalOcean. Download your desired file (I use autologin version). It’s written for CentOS but works well on other distros too. In my case on Ubuntu Server.

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The ultimate guide: Keepass2 on Ubuntu with browser integration

This one is written because to install Keepass2 successfully on Ubuntu 15.04 you need to read and search through at least 5 different sources. So without further ado:

Add ppa’s for Keepass indicator plugin:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dlech/keepass2-plugins
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dlech/keepass2-plugins-beta
sudo apt-get update

Second one contains updated version with solved problem of missing libmagickwand5 dependency.

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Better launcher for LightTable

Tested on multiple Desktop Environments, this is the cool version which works much better than desktop files you’ll find in most tutorials over the web:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Light Table
Exec=/path/to/your/LightTable/ltbin --no-sandbox --process-per-tab --allow-file-access-from-files --enable-experimental-web-platform-features --enable-css-shaders

Hope this’ll work for you as well.


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How I read my email

I practically use mutt every time and everywhere, even on my smartphone and tablet. Connecting to screen session via ConnectBot. Tried many different desktop and web based clients, in the long run they all suck for me. As I do with my emacs config, if I like some function elswhere, I test it for a while and than implement it in my config.

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An interview for CNN iReport about Polish citizens vs ACTA

So few days ago I was interviewed by Chris Morrow about Poland signing ACTA on 26th of January. We’ve had many protests and demonstrations organized against our government which planned to sign ACTA without proper consultations with NGOs fighting for citizens rights.

It got into mainstream Polish media thanks to attacks on gov servers organised by crackers calling themselves Polish Anonymous or Polish Underground. It was good and bad for us (NGOs) – we’ve lost our position we’ve had to talk to our government. Crackers attacking gov websites have stolen all the focus we have been able to use to talk to our politicians.

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Talking about world without an internet on national TV

So yesterday I was asked to say few words about how the world would be look/work without an internet for our national Polish TV – TVP Info. I spent 4-5 minutes talking, but in the end I was cut to 2 short sentences. I thin it was definitely worth it. (;

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As for the whole part about protests against SOPA all over the internet they’ve got few things entirely backwards but all in all it was pretty good. My two short sentences were about an internet being as big discovery as writing or printing (thanks rysiek for that thought!). Next one was about our disability to switch off the whole network, I’ve mentioned few countries that tried to do that. Next words about Telecomix, dial-ups, hacktivism and FLOSS didn’t make it. They’ve also used few other thoughts presented by me during the talk, but they were read by narrator.

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Kopimism is not piracy

While reading the news about Kopimism recognized as a religion in Sweden one thing that got my attention and made me angry was defining it as a piracy in all Polish media. To get this straight I wrote few words about it in news posted on

Kopimism is not piracy. It’s data sharing, philosophy, movement and now religion. It asks you to share, copy and spread the content you’ve created or you’re allowed to spread. It’s strongly connected with DataLove which says that data is free, neutral (it isn’t good or bad) and it must flow.

It’s good to let others know that you want your content to be copied and spread by including KOPIMI logo next to it

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Help Telecomix with action for Belarus

So at first few words on what’s going on… Since 6th of January all businesses are required to have their services for Belarus citizens hosted on Belorussian servers. All ISP’s and internet-cafes are ordered to gather all data about their customers and logs from their usage of internet.

It’s quite obvious that the biggest businesses will do it. But we cannot say that for smaller ones having casual customers from Belarus (shops and other services). So they’ll basically have to shut down the access for Belarus citizens which gives us the same result as site blocking, but (I really hate to say this) done right (meaning not via DNS blocking which is still bad). For now we cannot say for sure how hard this law is going to be used, and if and which businesses are going to respect it. As we’re said punishment for breakin’ it won’t be so big for them (as in scale). One thing is sure, that bringing those services to Belorussian servers will make them really easy to shut down if it’s necessary.

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