Kopimism is not piracy

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While reading the news about Kopimism recognized as a religion in Sweden one thing that got my attention and made me angry was defining it as a piracy in all Polish media. To get this straight I wrote few words about it in news posted on OSnews.pl:

Kopimism is not piracy. It’s data sharing, philosophy, movement and now religion. It asks you to share, copy and spread the content you’ve created or you’re allowed to spread. It’s strongly connected with DataLove which says that data is free, neutral (it isn’t good or bad) and it must flow.

It’s good to let others know that you want your content to be copied and spread by including KOPIMI logo next to it:


It’s unfair to explain kopimism as piracy, it also shows your big ignorance. Just spent one minute on reading article about it on Wikipedia or DataLove <3 website and you’ll now what it’s all about.

Paradoxically it appears that only pirate parties and people breaking the law by spreading the content protected by copyright are ones that understand and fight to make data over the web free for everyone. To let the knwoledge and culture spread without any sick restrictions.

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Personaly I got into Telecomix by finding the DataLove website and I love it (also rysiek said me about it few times but it wasn’t it). Now I’m trying to help in current actions and do what I think needs to be done with others who think alike (like action for Belarus).

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