Why You sho­uld always keep up to date with your word­press

As You may know from my bio page or in few cases by kno­wing me, I’m edi­tor in chief at Jaki­Li­nux – Polish websi­te witch tries to help new GNU/Linux enthu­sia­sts with the­ir first step (also with the next steps) into our gre­at com­mu­ni­ty. During last week­end we got hit by phi­shing attack and bloc­ked by our hosting com­pa­ny. After half of the Satur­days night fil­led with an ema­il exchan­ge they’ve unloc­ked our server and after remo­ving phi­shing scripts we whe­re onli­ne aga­in.


A day after we’ve got bloc­ked aga­in… This time Borys (the cre­ator of who­le OSme­dia gro­up and Fil­ma­ster) deci­ded to spe­edup our move to a new – well con­fi­gu­red – server. Ori­gi­nal­ly it was plan­ned to be done by the end of May, but it was done yester­day and we’re still not ful­ly reco­ve­red. The main pro­blem was that the old word­press, has been upda­ted last time aro­und 2007 with the­me writ­ten by michuk aro­und 2006. Sin­ce then he’s the only one who under­stands it or at least is clo­se to.

After move to a new server it took Borys few hours to get it looking good, but our custom pages whe­re suc­ked up some­whe­re. Now it was up to me to get it done. After few hours spent on try­ing to adjust wor­king the­me for this pages I failed. It took me next hour to get michuk to look into it. He has done it in 15 minu­tes… Rew­ri­ting this pages later was quite sim­ple.

The­re is still a num­ber of custom featu­res and side­bars hard coded into the­me which we can’t get to work or it’s real­ly not worth to be done. Next step was to get some­one to rew­ri­te it for us into new shi­ny word­press the­me. Here Kasia from Heka­te Design steps in (she works with us for some time and does the best DTP for our artic­les). She was quite sur­pri­sed that I haven’t asked her sooner (but the who­le situ­ation was deve­lo­ping very quic­kly and our new plan was cre­ated real­ly late last night), but she even agre­ed on doing it in two days. Our new Jaki­Li­nux the­me 2.0 sho­uld be onli­ne by the end of the week! o/

The key for our new the­me are wid­gets, but more on that after the imple­men­ta­tion. It looks like we can get all the major pro­blems fixed by the end of the week, but the­re is still pro­blem with the Jab­ber servi­ce in our doma­in. I hope we can bring it back onli­ne.

So a real­ly big advi­ce and les­son from all this is to keep up to date with your word­press. At first the old ver­sion pushed us into phi­shing tro­uble, secon­dly the­re is this the­me sto­ry.

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P.S. This is my first post at this pla­ce and also looks like my first post writ­ten in English (at least I’ve tried to do so). (; I think it’ll be also a good pla­ce to expla­in the idea behind upco­ming chan­ges to Linu­xNews and the master plan to refresh Poli­sh­Li­nux (witch is still work in pro­gress).

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