Why You should always keep up to date with your wordpress

As You may know from my bio page or in few cases by knowing me, I’m editor in chief at JakiLinux – Polish website witch tries to help new GNU/Linux enthusiasts with their first step (also with the next steps) into our great community. During last weekend we got hit by phishing attack and blocked by our hosting company. After half of the Saturdays night filled with an email exchange they’ve unlocked our server and after removing phishing scripts we where online again.


A day after we’ve got blocked again… This time Borys (the creator of whole OSmedia group and Filmaster) decided to speedup our move to a new – well configured – server. Originally it was planned to be done by the end of May, but it was done yesterday and we’re still not fully recovered. The main problem was that the old wordpress, has been updated last time around 2007 with theme written by michuk around 2006. Since then he’s the only one who understands it or at least is close to.

After move to a new server it took Borys few hours to get it looking good, but our custom pages where sucked up somewhere. Now it was up to me to get it done. After few hours spent on trying to adjust working theme for this pages I failed. It took me next hour to get michuk to look into it. He has done it in 15 minutes… Rewriting this pages later was quite simple.

There is still a number of custom features and sidebars hard coded into theme which we can’t get to work or it’s really not worth to be done. Next step was to get someone to rewrite it for us into new shiny wordpress theme. Here Kasia from Hekate Design steps in (she works with us for some time and does the best DTP for our articles). She was quite surprised that I haven’t asked her sooner (but the whole situation was developing very quickly and our new plan was created really late last night), but she even agreed on doing it in two days. Our new JakiLinux theme 2.0 should be online by the end of the week! o/

The key for our new theme are widgets, but more on that after the implementation. It looks like we can get all the major problems fixed by the end of the week, but there is still problem with the Jabber service in our domain. I hope we can bring it back online.

So a really big advice and lesson from all this is to keep up to date with your wordpress. At first the old version pushed us into phishing trouble, secondly there is this theme story.

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P.S. This is my first post at this place and also looks like my first post written in English (at least I’ve tried to do so). (; I think it’ll be also a good place to explain the idea behind upcoming changes to LinuxNews and the master plan to refresh PolishLinux (witch is still work in progress).

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