Trans­fer­ring acco­unt betwe­en pods, will it make Dia­spo­ra bet­ter?

Sin­ce Ilya died it’s real­ly hard not to noti­ce how join​dia​spo​ra​.com pod slo­wed down and it’s kind of annoy­ing and fru­stra­ting. From obvio­us reasons after infor­ma­tion abo­ut Ilya and his work on Dia­spo­ra hit the main­stre­am media, its first and offi­cial pod star­ted to be over­lo­aded with new users.

As I writ­ten on my D* acco­unt:

Abi­li­ty to move acco­unt from #Dia­spo­ra one pod to ano­ther would be awe­so­me. Most new users whi­le try­ing out D* uses join​dia​spo​ra​.com, they make friends and post stuff. Once they disco­ver how D* real­ly works it’s kind of too late to dele­te one and cre­ate new acco­unt on a pod that suits you.

Recen­tly join­disd­po­ra got much slo­wer and it’d be gre­at to move my who­le acco­unt to ano­ther, faster and less loaded pod witho­ut cre­ating com­ple­te­ly new acco­unt. Just trans­fer all my posts, aspects and still be in aspects of tho­se who are fol­lo­wing me alre­ady and sha­ring with me.

It’s sth betwe­en #featu­re requ­est and #bug report.

I’m in that sta­te, buil­ding new acco­unt as use­ful as cur­rent one will take defi­ni­te­ly too much time and I’m sure that it’s not only my pro­blem.

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After making this kind of deci­sion to imple­ment acco­unt trans­fer­ring the­re are many more pro­blems to be solved in order to achie­ve this. What to do with the data on the old pod? Sho­uld we keep it? How long?

But I real­ly feel that we need to start to discuss abo­ut it and find a solu­tion for this pro­blem.

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Dia­spo­ra* @ Open Radar Con­fe­ren­ce

I was invi­ted to Open Radar Con­fe­ren­ce in Szcze­cin to spe­ak abo­ut Dia­spo­ra* pro­ject. This defi­ni­te­ly wasn’t my best pre­sen­ta­tion but here are my sli­des:

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I have to say that I’m real­ly pro­ud of the feed­back I rece­ived at the after par­ty. I did also an inte­rview for Pol­skie Radio Szcze­cin, they real­ly want to help us spre­ad the word abo­ut D* in Poland. After this short – not so good – pre­sen­ta­tion we’ve got now many new possi­bi­li­ties as dia​spo​ra​.pl to pro­mo­te Dia­spo­ra and it’s just going to be an awe­so­me expe­rien­ce, but I’ll post more news on that later.

I’ll post the video of me stam­me­ring abo­ut D* when OSworld​.pl will put it on YouTu­be.


So here is a video with my pre­sen­ta­tion… yyy… yyy… yyy… yyy…

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Wan­na get your data from Face­bo­ok?

Looks like after red­dit effect of users requ­esting CDs with the­ir data Face­bo­ok allo­wed them to requ­est down­lo­ad of all the­ir publi­shed data. So for now the­re are two ways to get your data, but to have them all you still have use both.

Down­lo­ad all the data you’ve publi­shed so far.

This is sim­ple, log-in to Face­bo­ok and go to your Acco­unt Set­tings. You’ll see the­re the option Down­lo­ad a copy of your Face­bo­ok the bot­tom of the page. After get­tin» the­re you have to click on requ­est and wait patien­tly a few hours for your ema­il with down­lo­ad link.

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Google+ – first gre­at suc­cess of Dia­spo­ra* pro­ject?

A few days ago, Google+ pro­ject had its pre­mie­re. It brings a nice bre­ath of fresh air, but also pre­sents a few ele­ments that we alre­ady know. I think the most impor­tant mes­sa­ge so far is that we are dealing with the first social networ­king Google servi­ce which has been well tho­ught out and has good chan­ces to go into main­stre­am.

Public, all, exten­ded

Circ­les – a per­fect solu­tion to help take care of our pri­va­cy, indi­spu­ta­bly bet­ter imple­men­ted than a gro­up of friends on Face­bo­ok. Many see in them as an inno­va­tion, but once I saw them I knew they found this idea at Dia­spo­ra* pro­ject. The dif­fe­ren­ce is, that G + pre­sents it in a form that aspects sho­uld be done from the begin­ning. Fir­stly, mana­ge­ment – in the Dia­spo­ra* has always been for me sim­ply inco­nve­nient. G+ pre­sen­ted two ways to mana­ge con­tacts, but we have seen them both in Dia­spo­ra* alre­ady. You can see who has the gurus of usa­bi­li­ty, and who still have a lot to learn… The cur­rent way of con­tact mana­ge­ment from Dia­spo­ra* can be found in noti­fi­ca­tion sys­tem and for­mer based on moving con­tacts into and betwe­en aspects can be seen on your circ­les page.

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Alter Brid­ge & Guano Apes

Alter Brid­ge @ Ursy­na­lia 2011 by Mar­cin Jarec­ki

Alter Brid­ge was for the first time in War­saw. As Myles said they expec­ted to play in some small club, but it tur­ned out to be one of the big­gest Rock festi­vals in War­saw this year (Ursy­na­lia). So I’m pro­ud to be a part of the­ir one of the big­gest sur­pri­ses in the­ir car­rier – gre­at con­cert, hope to see them soon aga­in, becau­se from now they’re one of my favo­ri­te bands. (;

Myles & Mark @ Ursy­na­lia 20011 by Mar­cin Jarec­ki

It was also gre­at to hear Guano Apes live. They’re much much bet­ter on the sta­ge! They are coming back to Poland later this year, so I think I’ll be the­re.

Hen­ning, San­dra and Ste­fan @ Ursy­na­lia 20011 by Mar­cin Jarec­ki

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P.S. – As I can see on Alter Brid­ge Face­bo­ok fan­pa­ge this sur­pri­ze was real­ly big for them ([1], [2], [3] and [4]). 

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Why I’ve almost lost my enthu­siasm for Dia­spo­ra*

Other site that I’m mana­ging is Polish Infor­ma­tion Cen­ter Abo­ut Dia­spo­ra* Pro­ject. The idea of cre­ating this site ori­gi­na­ted in Dia­spo­ra* code rele­ase and big pro­mi­ses for first alpha rele­ase. We (as in me, Paweł (kichawa@​joindiaspora.​com) and Michał (2m1r@​joindiaspora.​com)) have met at #dia​spo​ra​.pl IRC chan­nel at star­ted plan­ning what we’re going to do to make Dia­spo­ra popu­lar in Poland.

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