Trans­fer­ring acco­unt betwe­en pods, will it make Dia­spo­ra better?

Sin­ce Ilya died it’s real­ly hard not to noti­ce how join​dia​spo​ra​.com pod slo­wed down and it’s kind of annoy­ing and fru­stra­ting. From obvio­us reasons after infor­ma­tion abo­ut Ilya and his work on Dia­spo­ra hit the main­stre­am media, its first and offi­cial pod star­ted to be over­lo­aded with new users.

As I writ­ten on my D* acco­unt:

Abi­li­ty to move acco­unt from #Dia­spo­ra one pod to ano­ther would be awe­so­me. Most new users whi­le try­ing out D* uses join​dia​spo​ra​.com, they make friends and post stuff. Once they disco­ver how D* real­ly works it’s kind of too late to dele­te one and cre­ate new acco­unt on a pod that suits you.

Recen­tly join­disd­po­ra got much slo­wer and it’d be gre­at to move my who­le acco­unt to ano­ther, faster and less loaded pod witho­ut cre­ating com­ple­te­ly new acco­unt. Just trans­fer all my posts, aspects and still be in aspects of tho­se who are fol­lo­wing me alre­ady and sha­ring with me.

It’s sth betwe­en #featu­re requ­est and #bug report. 

I’m in that sta­te, buil­ding new acco­unt as use­ful as cur­rent one will take defi­ni­te­ly too much time and I’m sure that it’s not only my problem.

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After making this kind of deci­sion to imple­ment acco­unt trans­fer­ring the­re are many more pro­blems to be solved in order to achie­ve this. What to do with the data on the old pod? Sho­uld we keep it? How long?

But I real­ly feel that we need to start to discuss abo­ut it and find a solu­tion for this problem.

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Dia­spo­ra* @ Open Radar Conference

I was invited to Open Radar Conference in Szczecin to speak about Diaspora* project. This definitely wasn't my best presentation but here are my slides:

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I have to say that I'm really proud of the feedback I received at the after party. I did also an interview for Polskie Radio Szczecin, they really want to help us spread the word about D* in Poland. After this short - not so good - presentation we've got now many new possibilities as to promote Diaspora and it's just going to be an awesome experience, but I'll post more news on that later.

I'll post the video of me stammering about D* when will put it on YouTube.


So here is a video with my presentation... yyy... yyy... yyy... yyy...

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Wan­na get your data from Facebook?

Looks like after red­dit effect of users requ­esting CDs with the­ir data Face­bo­ok allo­wed them to requ­est down­lo­ad of all the­ir publi­shed data. So for now the­re are two ways to get your data, but to have them all you still have use both.

Down­lo­ad all the data you’ve publi­shed so far.

This is sim­ple, log-in to Face­bo­ok and go to your Acco­unt Set­tings. You’ll see the­re the option Down­lo­ad a copy of your Face­bo­ok the bot­tom of the page. After get­tin» the­re you have to click on requ­est and wait patien­tly a few hours for your ema­il with down­lo­ad link.

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Google+ – first gre­at suc­cess of Dia­spo­ra* project?

A few days ago, Google+ pro­ject had its pre­mie­re. It brings a nice bre­ath of fresh air, but also pre­sents a few ele­ments that we alre­ady know. I think the most impor­tant mes­sa­ge so far is that we are dealing with the first social networ­king Google servi­ce which has been well tho­ught out and has good chan­ces to go into mainstream.

Public, all, extended

Circ­les – a per­fect solu­tion to help take care of our pri­va­cy, indi­spu­ta­bly bet­ter imple­men­ted than a gro­up of friends on Face­bo­ok. Many see in them as an inno­va­tion, but once I saw them I knew they found this idea at Dia­spo­ra* pro­ject. The dif­fe­ren­ce is, that G + pre­sents it in a form that aspects sho­uld be done from the begin­ning. Fir­stly, mana­ge­ment – in the Dia­spo­ra* has always been for me sim­ply inco­nve­nient. G+ pre­sen­ted two ways to mana­ge con­tacts, but we have seen them both in Dia­spo­ra* alre­ady. You can see who has the gurus of usa­bi­li­ty, and who still have a lot to learn… The cur­rent way of con­tact mana­ge­ment from Dia­spo­ra* can be found in noti­fi­ca­tion sys­tem and for­mer based on moving con­tacts into and betwe­en aspects can be seen on your circ­les page.

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Alter Brid­ge & Guano Apes

Alter Brid­ge @ Ursy­na­lia 2011 by Mar­cin Jarecki

Alter Brid­ge was for the first time in War­saw. As Myles said they expec­ted to play in some small club, but it tur­ned out to be one of the big­gest Rock festi­vals in War­saw this year (Ursy­na­lia). So I’m pro­ud to be a part of the­ir one of the big­gest sur­pri­ses in the­ir car­rier – gre­at con­cert, hope to see them soon aga­in, becau­se from now they’re one of my favo­ri­te bands. (;

Myles & Mark @ Ursy­na­lia 20011 by Mar­cin Jarecki

It was also gre­at to hear Guano Apes live. They’re much much bet­ter on the sta­ge! They are coming back to Poland later this year, so I think I’ll be there.

Hen­ning, San­dra and Ste­fan @ Ursy­na­lia 20011 by Mar­cin Jarecki

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P.S. – As I can see on Alter Brid­ge Face­bo­ok fan­pa­ge this sur­pri­ze was real­ly big for them ([1], [2], [3] and [4]). 

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Why I’ve almost lost my enthu­siasm for Diaspora*

Other site that I’m mana­ging is Polish Infor­ma­tion Cen­ter Abo­ut Dia­spo­ra* Pro­ject. The idea of cre­ating this site ori­gi­na­ted in Dia­spo­ra* code rele­ase and big pro­mi­ses for first alpha rele­ase. We (as in me, Paweł (kichawa@​joindiaspora.​com) and Michał (2​m1​r@​joindiaspora.​com)) have met at #dia​spo​ra​.pl IRC chan­nel at star­ted plan­ning what we’re going to do to make Dia­spo­ra popu­lar in Poland.

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